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When I was five, my mother read to me before bedtime a chapter of a favourite book from her childhood — the story of a boy, named Si Talu, who lived on the island of Java. For three nights she read a chapter from the book. On the third night she closed the book after reading and told me, ‘You’ll soon be able to read the rest of the book yourself. Imagine finding out what happens next to Si Talu , at your own speed instead of only one chapter a day.’

For many years afterwards I shared with my mother the pleasure of reading, exhausting the supply of historical novels on our local public library shelves. And I decided to be a writer, aiming to write the kind of novels my mother and I loved to read.


Read my historical novel,  The Sun Road    

the story of a young woman in 10th century Iceland, who re-settles in Greenland, then  moves on to a rumoured land overseas beyond the western horizon.

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